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ScreenTripper 2..0

A very easy tool to record video from computer screen and audio inputs is optionally, it also has ability to capture screen-shots. Supporting Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 perfectly.
Download Size:2.03 MB Supported OS:Win2000/Win7 x32/Win7 x64/WinServer/WinVista/WinVista x64/WinXP
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ScreenTripper Screenshots
ScreenTripper Screenshots
ScreenTripper Screenshots

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ScreenTripper is 100% clean and safely, Non Spyware, Non Malware.

How it works - 3 Easy Steps make you becoming expert in recording video:

1. Download ScreenTripper

2. Quick start

3. Expert records

Why choose ScreenTripper 

ScreenTripper give you full solution to create high quality video from computer screen, and has ability create video from DirectX 3D game screen, It captures video directly to your hard drive by AVI format and based on high compression algorithem of XVID codec, it also has ability to take screen-shots by different format - BMP, JPG, PNG.

The user interface of ScreenTripper is very simple and easy to use no any learning curve even you're novice, the comprehensive options is configurable extending lots of features which you can custom them.

Key features:
1. Very simple and kindly user interface, no any learning curve when getting started.
2. Once click recording screen actions then playing back what you recorded AVI file.
3. Comprehensive settings used for advanced user.
4. Auto / Manually tweaks performance, it's decided by yourself see if you want to get faster or lower rate when capturing screen, faster rate will give you more smooth video but cost High CPU usage, lower rate will cost Lower CPU usage not affecting other processes that you're running.
5. Hot-keys to record video / capture screen-shots.

6. Full-screen generic records and D3D game recording with no lag.
7. Adjustable scale for records and screen-shots.
8. By specified interval, capturing screen-shots, exporting image as BMP, JPG, PNG format.
9. Optional Audio inputs when recording video, supports multiple channels and any input devices.
10. Displying Mouse cursor as optionally.
11. Self-adapt the video frame size when you change the screen resolution on recording.
12. 100% compatible with any Antivirus software.
13. Seamless working on WinNT/2k/XP/2003 server/Vista/Win7 (64bit).
14. Allows to send video file to your friend through Email.

What are the benefits of buying ScreenTripper?

No watermark on video / screen-shots

No 5-day limit of use

No 5 MB limit to send attachment in Email

No time limit of recording video

FREE technical support

FREE software upgrades

How many licenses do I need to buy?

Each computer that installs the software needs a license for $29.95 only


ScreenTripper 2.0 is released now!

  • > Email utility helping you to send video file to your friends.
  • > Improved user interfaces & fixed many bugs.
ScreenTripper 1.0

  • > Give you full solution to make demonstrations, tutorial video from computer screen.
  • > Easy to use no learning curve when getting started.
  • > Comprehensive settings used for advanced user.
  • > Playing back the recorded video.
  • > Entire full-screen or scale updown, capture everything on screen.
  • > Sound inputs synchronously, Supports any audio input devices.
  • > Recording video from DirectX 3D game full-screen.
  • > Customized Hot-keys to record video and capture Screen-shots.
  • > By specified interval, automatically capturing Screen-shots.
  • > Online Help assists you how to create video from computer screen properly.
User reviews
"Easy to use and kindly interface."
- Debbie C., Johnson City, TN

"I use the trial version, it already gave me full solution as expected, there is just a smaller 'trial' watermark on left top of the video, will purchase it as soon. :)"
- Craig B., United Kingdom

"Be plenty customized options, I'm becoming expert to create video.."
- Sandra K., East Bethel, MN

"I use it to record video and sound synchronized, it's very smoothly."
- Jim W., Frazeysburg, NY

"ScreenTripper is the best video recorder, simple and effective!"
- Virginia M., Ontario, Canada

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